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Working from home

School Online Learning Daily Structure

Advice to Parents and Students    Updated 31/3/20

The Premier of NSW has encouraged families to keep children at home for the remainder of Term One in response to the government’s COVID-19 response. However, Leumeah High School remains open for students whose parents are engaged in essential services.

The following arrangements are in place:


As per the Department of Education mandate our canteen is and will remain closed until further notice.

Remote Learning

Until further notice we will be providing online learning experiences for our students. You will find class codes to all of our online digital classrooms on the future focused website along with our Online Learning Handbook.


Lessons will be numbered and have the week it should be completed in eg English, Term 1, Week 9, Lesson 1 etc. Students will have the equivalent number of lessons to complete to their normal timetable. 

For subjects with 8/9 lessons/fortnight = 4 lessons/week

For subjects with 6/7 lessons/fortnight = 3 lessons/week

For subjects with 4/5 lessons/fortnight = 2 lessons/week

For subjects with 2/3 lessons/fortnight = 1 lessons/week

Students should continue to communicate with their teachers through their online platforms. Teachers will be making themselves available a couple of times a week in line with our normal school timetable. Teachers will post this information to online discussion boards.

Students are required to follow the instructions for completing work. For example the teacher may ask for a written response or a photo of what has been created. 

What if my child does not have a device?

If your child is unable to access a device at home to complete their learning please contact the Principal, Paul Zielinski through the front office.

How can Parents/carers help?

●        Encourage your child to follow the regular school timetable.

●        Set clear and positive expectations that learning will continue at home. 

●        Please understand that Learning from Home cannot look the same as the regular learning process. 

●        Ensure that sleep patterns and morning routines are regular and structured. 

●        Manage your children’s phone/s use during the day. Phones are a distraction and parents/carers will need to help manage this, by considering steps such as physically placing phones away during the day or using features like screen time and family sharing.

●        Make changes to your home so that there is a clear and organised space for learning. A space/location for extended learning should be a public/family space, not in a bedroom. 

●        Specific parent/carer concerns should be communicated via the office or school email address Leumeah-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au. Staff will endeavour to respond to in a timely manner and within regular school hours (8:30am-3:30pm) however, response time may be affected by the developing COVID-19 situation.


Online Safety


An online learning handbook can be found on our online learning page at this link www.lhsfuturefocus.com

When using platforms with video (either live or recorded) please check what is visible on-camera, around and behind them.  (eg clothes, personal belongings, posters, people).

The following is a list of the dos and don’ts of online communication:


Digital Citizenship website https://www.digitalcitizenship.nsw.edu.au/ is a great source of information and resources about online safety and etiquette.


If you are unsure about Showbie we recommend following these instructions https://support.showbie.com/en/articles/1420198-signing-up-as-a-student

Google Classroom

For setting up google classroom follow these steps.

1.    Log into student portal

2.    On left hand side go to google apps

3.    Open google classroom

4.    Use class code to join a class


Students and parents should be confident that every consideration will be made to ensure that students in year 11 and 12 are not disadvantaged by the impact of Covid19.

We are working on adjustments and arrangements for appropriate assessment and continuity of learning for our senior students. These arrangements will be communicated through student’s regular classroom teachers via their already established online learning platforms over the coming days and weeks. We are aiming to release a revised assessment schedule during week 10.


Students in years 7-10 should be assured that adjustments are being made to some tasks to facilitate them occurring at home. While other tasks will be held back until school resumes. Students will not be disadvantaged by the impact of Covid19.

Student Wellbeing

If a parent/carer has concerns regarding their child, the first point of contact should be the Year Advisor. Contact can be made via the office or email. Please email Leumeah-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au and in the subject field write the student name and care of the teacher you wish to have the email forwarded to.

School counselling and youth services remain open to students. Contact should be made through the office or through the above email care of ‘school counsellor’.

Google Classrooms have been created to directly connect students with our Student Support Officer. These codes can be found on the Future Focus website under the Welfare Faculty. www.lhsfuturefocus.com

Technology Support

If students are unable to access the Student Portal (including their email), they should contact the office. Staff will be able to reset passwords and direct students to the Student Portal, Showbie and Google Classroom.

More complex technology support is available. Please contact our Technology and Support Officer (TSO) by email on Leumeah-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au and type the students name care of TSO. Please be aware the our TSO only works two days a week.

What is the Department of Education doing to assist with online learning?

The Department’s Learning from Home website has many resources. Parents are welcome to access these resources to assist the learning from home. The Department will provide updates on future developments which we will share through email.

What if my child needs to come to school?

Social distancing guidelines will be strictly applied. This means students attending school will NOT experience a regular school day. Playground areas will be limited and students assigned to a particular area.

Students must bring their own food. The canteen is closed until further notice. 

Extra-curricular activities will not take place, and the site will close at 3.30pm.


Normal operations of TAFE have been suspended from 30 March until 27 April.

NESA is reviewing the impact of Coronavirus COVID-19 on TVET delivery. Some TVET teachers are endeavouring to organise online learning. Students should check their emails each day for online content.


At present bus services continue to operate.


Students should contact their teachers through their online learning platform. They should also aim to be online during the designated lesson time that the teacher has identified. I.e. a teacher might say that they will be available between 1:15 and 2:05 (period 5) on Tuesday.

If you have any other concerns please contact the school on 4625 7755 or email us at Leumeah-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au and place in the heading your child’s name and who you would like to direct your request to.

Parents are asked to refrain from using the online learning platforms to contact teachers. These spaces should be treated like a classroom.