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Creative arts

Creative and Performing Arts

In creative arts, students discover a variety of art forms through a study of dance, drama, music and visual arts.

Year 11 Photography

With our recent downpours at the school, Year 11 Photography were able to capture some great pictures around our playgrounds. 

CAPA Staff

Mr A. Tsoupis (Head Teacher)

Ms K. Christophers 

Ms K. Coggans 

Ms S. Sinclair

Ms M. Woolley

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Z-elective classes

Available Year 9 and 10:


Lego Masters

Art Society



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Creative Arts courses 7-12


Visual Arts

Visual Design 

Photographic and Digital Media

Photography, Video and Digital Imaging

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Clay artwork from Year 8

Creative Arts courses

Music and Visual Arts 

Mandatory courses 7-8

100 hours of study of both music and visual arts.

Elective courses 9-10

100 or 200 hours for elective Music. 

100 or 200 hours for elective Visual Arts.

Music syllabus 

Visual Arts syllabus


Music 11-12

Music 1 

Component Year 11 Year 12
Performance 25% 10%
Composition 25% 10%
Musicology 25% 10%
Aural 25% 25%
Electives   45%

Music 2 

Component Year 11 Year 12
Performance 25% 20%
Composition 25% 20%
Musicology 25% 20%
Aural 25% 20%
Electives   20%

Visual Arts 11-12

Year 11 and 12 Syllabus

Component Weighting
Artmaking (Body of Work) 50%
Art criticism and art history (EXAM) 50%

Photographic and Digital Media

Elective course 9-10

100 or 200 hours (after completion of 100 mandatory hours Visual Arts).

Photography syllabus


Photography, Video and Digital Imaging 11-12

Content endosed course (non ATAR)

No external examination (school-based assessment only).

PVDI syllabus


Visual Design 11-12

Content endosed course (non ATAR). 

No external examination (school-based assessment only). 

Visual Design syllabus