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Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile Phone and other Electronic Devices Policy

1.     It is strongly recommended that students do not bring mobile phones or other electronic devices to school.

2.     If a student wishes to bring a mobile phone (ie. for contact with parents whilst travelling to and from school), then the phone must be switched off from the time the student enters onto school grounds until the student leaves the school grounds at the conclusion of the school day. During this time, it is recommended that the phone be kept in a discrete place within the student’s school bag and that it should not be removed during the entire school day. This applies to all school activities whether at camp, on excursion, attending sport, carnivals or other such events.

3.     If a student requires the use of a phone to contact a parent during the school day, he/she should approach one of the school Deputies. If deemed appropriate, the student will be allowed to use a school phone.

4.     The usual communication between teachers and parents regarding illness, property, messages, emergencies or school issues remains via the front office on 4625 7755.

5.     The school can accept no responsibility for the security or care of mobile phones, or other electronic devices and the like. These items are brought to school at the owner’s risk.