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Bundalong Unit (Autism Classes)

French class with bundy 

There are to be two Autism classes called Bundalong 1 and 2. Each class consists of a maximum of 7 students and is supported by a main class teacher and SLSO (School Learning Support Officer), other teaching staff on the class, a Head Teacher and the senior executive of the school. The school Welfare team and Careers Advisor also play a role in each student's development and wellbeing.

The students at Leumeah's Bundalong Unit are preparing for life not only in secondary school but post school by taking part in challenging learning experiences that extend practical and academic skills, strengthen emotional intelligence and promote social responsibility.

Students are placed in this setting, with the support of parents/carers, on the basis of their learning needs. Teaching and learning programs are highly individualised, with a balanced focus on academic, behavioural and social/emotional skills. The structure, quality teaching and individualised support given by the staff goes a long way to breaking the bonds of negativity.

A successful transition to any new setting will require the attainment of goals set down by the staff of the Bundalong Unit. They include:

•              A satisfactory attendance pattern

•              Adherence to the rules of both the Bundalong Unit and the school as a whole

•              A willingness to try and achieve their best.

•              Individual lines of study will be discussed at relevant meetings to achieve the best outcomes for the student.

Students may follow a mainstream study pattern, Life Skills study pattern or a combination of the two, and this will depend on the individual needs of the student.

Students are given the option to study elective subjects in Year 9 and 10.

A Work Experience program will play an important role in the student's schooling as well as the possibility of TVET (TAFE) courses in the student's senior years.

The students will study a range of subjects over Stages 4, 5 and eventually 6. An example of a program of study could include:







Food Technology

Wood Technology

Visual Arts


Work Experience

Community Access


Bundy Class doing woodwork Bundy Class catering